Maneater by Nelly Furtado was a UK number 1 hit on Saturday, June 17, 2006 spending 3 week(s) at the top of the UK charts. This dance hit marked a change in Furtado's musical style. While it's not a cover of the Hall & Oates song of the same name, it has the same lyrical theme and was influenced by the keyboard-driven music of the '80s. The recording of this song was delayed when a speaker caught fire in the studio control room. The incident scared Furtado

Maneater FAQs

Who sang Maneater?

Maneater was performed by Nelly Furtado

What year did Maneater get to the UK number 1 spot?

Maneater first became a UK number 1 on Saturday, June 17, 2006

How long was Maneater at number 1 in the UK?

Maneater spent 3 week(s) at number 1 in the UK.