Bring Me to Life

Bring Me to Life by Evanescence was a UK number 1 hit on Saturday, June 14, 2003 spending 4 week(s) at the top of the UK charts. This was the first single from Evanescence; it became a huge hit and launched their career. The song first appeared (along with "My Immortal") in the 2003 movie Daredevil, where it was used in a key scene where Elektra (Jennifer Garner) gets ready to kill Daredevil (Ben Affleck). In the UK, the song was an even bigger hit, going to #1 in June and staying for four weeks.

Bring Me to Life FAQs

Who sang Bring Me to Life?

Bring Me to Life was performed by Evanescence

What year did Bring Me to Life get to the UK number 1 spot?

Bring Me to Life first became a UK number 1 on Saturday, June 14, 2003

How long was Bring Me to Life at number 1 in the UK?

Bring Me to Life spent 4 week(s) at number 1 in the UK.