Stay Another Day

Stay Another Day by East 17 was a UK number 1 hit on Saturday, December 10, 1994 spending 5 week(s) at the top of the UK charts. This song was written by Tony Mortimer of East 17 about his brother Ollie committing suicide. The lyrics of the first verse, "Don't you know we've come too far now just to throw it all away" are a reference to throwing his life away, while "I touch your face while you are sleeping, and hold your hand, don't understand what's going on." takes place after he has committed suicide. Despite it being #1 during Christmas 1994, Mortimer told NME that he didn't pen the song for the festive season. Doritos crisps used this song for a UK Christmas advert in 2013. The spoof cover played by the brand's mariachi band featured a cameo by Tony Mortimer.

Stay Another Day FAQs

Who sang Stay Another Day?

Stay Another Day was performed by East 17

What year did Stay Another Day get to the UK number 1 spot?

Stay Another Day first became a UK number 1 on Saturday, December 10, 1994

How long was Stay Another Day at number 1 in the UK?

Stay Another Day spent 5 week(s) at number 1 in the UK.