99 Red Balloons

99 Red Balloons by Nena was a UK number 1 hit on Saturday, March 3, 1984 spending 3 week(s) at the top of the UK charts. The song, though difficult to understand, is about the dreams of the German people that were lost after World War II. The 99 balloons represent the many dreams that each person had. At the end of the song, she just wants to prove that the German people did have dreams by finding one balloon - she finds one balloon, a dream, and lets it go. Nena's guitarist, Carlo Karges, got the idea for the song after watching balloons being released at a Rolling Stones concert in West Berlin. He wrote the lyrics and Nena's keyboard player Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen wrote the music. Nena is a true one-hit-wonder outside of Germany, where she didn't even come close to another hit. Before this, however, her single "Nur Getraumt" was a #1 hit in Germany.

99 Red Balloons FAQs

Who sang 99 Red Balloons?

99 Red Balloons was performed by Nena

What year did 99 Red Balloons get to the UK number 1 spot?

99 Red Balloons first became a UK number 1 on Saturday, March 3, 1984

How long was 99 Red Balloons at number 1 in the UK?

99 Red Balloons spent 3 week(s) at number 1 in the UK.