Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle by The Police was a UK number 1 hit on Saturday, September 29, 1979 spending 3 week(s) at the top of the UK charts. This song is about a guy stranded on a remote island. One day he finds a bottle, puts a message in it and throws it out to sea in hopes that someone will find it and come save him. He's thrilled to wake up one morning and find a whole bunch (a hundred billion, by his count) of bottles on the shore, proving there are many other castaways just like him. The lyrics can be seen as a metaphor for being lonely and realizing there are lots of people just like you. This song is "Hey Jude"-like in its outro, with the phrase "sending out an SOS" repeated over and over for over a minute as it slowly fades. We counted 25 repetitions of the phrase.

Message in a Bottle FAQs

Who sang Message in a Bottle?

Message in a Bottle was performed by The Police

What year did Message in a Bottle get to the UK number 1 spot?

Message in a Bottle first became a UK number 1 on Saturday, September 29, 1979

How long was Message in a Bottle at number 1 in the UK?

Message in a Bottle spent 3 week(s) at number 1 in the UK.